The interactive implementation model is based on the findings from Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen´s master thesis "Sustainable project results´, Nov. 2011. For details, see bottom of this page.


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Users and stakeholdersChange managementOrganizational anchoringDissemination of the resultsProject manager's personality

How to use the model

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Users and stakeholdersNot relevant - do not score
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To a high degree
User involvementWe involve users in the development, testing and evaluation of project results.
ExchangeI facilitate exchange of experiences and create networks among users.
Competency developmentWe organize competency development for involved persons.
Stakeholder involvementWe have an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders (such as training companies, local committees, steering group, students´ council, etc.)
Stakeholders´ channelsWe make use of the stakeholders´ networks, media, competencies, etc.
Users and stakeholdersChange managementOrganizational anchoringDissemination of the resultsProject manager's personality


 The use of the model
The model is meant to support project managers in the (vocational) education sector in their attempts to implement good project results in a sustainable way.

Assisted by the model, the project manager is able to:
  • elaborate an implementation plan
  • check implementation progress continuously during the project
  • dialogue on implementation with the local project managers in a consortium
Score yourself in the beginning of the project, then 1-2 times during the project, and finally at the end of the project. The scores can indicate how far you are in the implementation process, and thus contribute to the final report.

A further development of the model to include scoring the influence of the context is under consideration.

Video instruction in Danish is available v/ Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen (3 min.).

Interactive scoring
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The online model is not part of the master thesis "Sustainable project results", but builds on its findings.
The model ´FoU-implement´ is the online version 1.0. Thank you to the data technicians from Minimerc, Viborg, Denmark! There may still be errors or mistakes, and I would be grateful to receive feedback.

The above self-assessment tool with its questionnaire covers only a part of the final results. It is recommended to achieve a full understanding of the entire implementation model.

The entire thesis is so far only accessible in Danish. For abstract, click here.

It is possible to invite me for a presentation or training unit on practicing the model, respectively on the theoretical and empirical details of the master thesis.

Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen

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